Silk Dupioni Fabric – Solid Colors

SILK DUPIONI is a rough slubbed silk fabric woven from the threads of double cocoons.

Our SOLID SILK DUPIONI is made on HAND LOOMS at a rate of 4 yards per day! We use ORGANIC NEEM as a fertilizer and manufacture SUSTAINABLE Silk Dupioni. Hand reared silkworms, hand spun and woven in the traditional method for millennium

It was discovered that the NEEM TREE was the only living plant not devastated by the Sudanese Locust Plague, in 1957.
We use the seeds and organic compost made from the Neem Tree to fertilize the Mulberry trees that are used to hand rear the Bombyx Morii silk worms. Also by using mostly natural dyes, we create a SUSTAINABLE silk product. Our fabrics are woven in cottage industry and we directly support the families that weave our cloth.

Our genuine Silk Dupioni Fabric is made ONLY from double nested cocoons. Sold by the yard.

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