Sunbrella Indoor and Outdoor Drapery Panels

Sunbrella Indoor and Outdoor Drapery Panels

STUNNING drapery sets the stage.
Romantic sheers, simple canvas, or elegant jacquards – drapery not only completes a room, but sets its mood. If it’s privacy you crave, Sunbrella canvas, a heavy fabric available in a multitude of colors, blocks out the light, while providing texture and depth to the space.

Highlight your STYLE with Sunbrella Sheers.
Sunbrella Sheers allow natural light to infuse every corner of your living space, providing a sense of style, warmth and luxury to any room.

Your home deserves the PERFECT drapery.
Many catalogs and retail stores offer ready-made and custom-sized slides using Sunbrella sheers and canvas. Retailers such as Restoration Hardware and Ballard Designs carry an excellent selection of slides in an assortment of sizes and colors. Looking for a more custom look? Your interior designer can access a wide variety of exclusive designs through high-end decorative jobbers.

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